Study Munger is my personal blog focused on investing and learning. Like many personal blogs, this is a place where I can sketch out rough ideas and share some insights with other people. I will sometimes share investment ideas or analysis. Please do not make investments based solely on my blog posts. I expect readers to do their own research before making any investments. My posts about specific investments are for readers to understand my thought process and to open up discussions on related topics.

Why is the blog called “Study Munger?”

I was in high school in California during the tech bubble of the late 1990s. After the bubble burst, I realized a lot of misery in life can be avoided by simply not making the same mistakes as everyone else. Once I had a job and money to invest, I started reading about investing. My goal was to learn enough to avoid losing money. My focus on reducing my downside led me to value investing, which led to Warren Buffet, which led to Charlie Munger. If I had to summarize Charlie’s advice for life, it would be: “Learn as much as you can about as many disciplines as you can so you make fewer mistakes in life.” In Charlie, I found the ultimate role model.

Although this blog is about my own ideas and thoughts, so much of what I know has come from following Charlie. See the quotes page for nuggets of wisdom from Charlie. If you want to acquire wisdom quickly you should study Charlie Munger.