Podcast Notes: June 2017

Rory Sutherland on The Psychology of Advertising, Complex Evolved Systems, Reading, Decision Making - May 20, 2017 (10:15) "By getting us to shift our focus to what's good about something rather than what we assume to be bad about it, you can synthesize happiness out of nowhere." -Rory Sutherland (12:50) "The biggest source of economic …

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Notes: Berkshire 2017 Meeting

Yahoo Halftime Show (36:45): "Going back to my point about the advantages of not running a fund and having to do reporting, I never liked talking to my LPs about ideas that I had and I think you guys are both the same because you become somewhat wed to it. It's harder to change your …

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Podcast Notes: Invest Like The Best (May 2017)

#32: Boyd Varty - The Art of Tracking - April 11, 2017 "Lead from the emergent future." [In other words, if you are fully present, you can better see where things are going and take appropriate action.] (1:04:12) #29: Jim O'Shaughnessy - Premeditated Success - March 21, 2017 Pat's great grandfather was expelled from a …

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