Podcast Notes: Wealthtrack (May 2017)

Trahan: Volatile Markets - June 17,  2016 "Now every time we start to slow, you have to ask yourself, 'Will one of these countries go off the rails and have a financial crisis?' ... Now slowdowns are potentially big bear markets." (21:03) Murray: Financial Healing - May 6, 2016 "Q: 'What is your definition of …

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Podcast Notes: Invest Like The Best (May 2017)

#32: Boyd Varty - The Art of Tracking - April 11, 2017 "Lead from the emergent future." [In other words, if you are fully present, you can better see where things are going and take appropriate action.] (1:04:12) #29: Jim O'Shaughnessy - Premeditated Success - March 21, 2017 Pat's great grandfather was expelled from a …

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Charlie Munger DJCO 2017 After Session Notes

These are my notes from video of an informal session with Charlie answering questions after the main Daily Journal meeting in February 2017. This is different than the main meeting which was widely reported on. The full video of the session is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpzrHPYWojY On people sending him checks to work for him: https://youtu.be/RpzrHPYWojY?t=3m0s "I sometimes …

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